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Accidental Astral Projection Experience

Posted by Fred Tracy March 19th, 2011 17 Comments

man meditating by crystal

The other night I had an incredibly.. odd.. experience while I was sleeping. At first I simply discounted it as some sort of weird sleep paralysis, but I came across some of Erin Pavlina’s posts about astral projection, and it’s got me thinking that maybe I really did start projecting my consciousness out of my body.

If you’re rolling your eyes at this point, I don’t really blame you. I’m open minded, but I’m also logical and practical minded. I have what can only be described as a “primal reflex” to castigate and dismiss anyone who is spouting off a bunch of nonsense they got from some esoteric book or learned from a “holy” teacher they pay $100 an hour. Nevertheless, my experience was SO vivid and unique that I can’t relate it to anything else. It follows Erin’s experience of her first astral projection almost precisely. You can find her article here.

Before I explain what happened to me, I’m going to give you a little summary describing astral projection.

What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is essentially where your spirit leaves your body to go play on the astral plane. It’s an out-of-body experience, akin to that experienced by people in near death events or surgery. Another word for astral here might be “consciousness.” You project your consciousness out of your body. It’s a lot like being a ghost. You can fly and do all sorts of things that you’d normally do in a lucid dream, but it’s much different.

Astral projection occurs whenever you wake up, typically from a dream. You’ll feel a cold, tingling sensation (or at least I did), and you’ll feel your consciousness pull out of your body. You can then look down at yourself. You’ll notice that “you” are distinctly separate from that body that’s sleeping. You’re purely identified with your spirit, soul, or word you want to use.

You can pretty much go and do whatever you’d like. According to Eric, the entities you meet on this plane are very much real, they simply exist there rather than here. Depending on your (link)level of consciousness you’ll find either scary stuff or good stuff. Your vibrational state will determine what kinds of creatures are drawn to you.

For example, Erin would sometimes attract negative entities when she was projecting in her younger years. In order to combat this she summoned a giant light sword, complete with armor. She then went on demon slaying sprees, even plunging her sword into the heart of a particularly ornery vampire.

Looking at the kind of video games I used to play as a kid, I’ve been training kick some major demon ass since my youth. I can still remember slaying half-naked succubi – in hell, no less – by the time I was 10 or 11 in a game called Diablo. Yep, ain’t no evil spirits gon’ be messin’ with me. ;)

My Astral Projection Experience

I still hesitate to call what I experienced real astral projection, because I really didn’t leave my body. It almost felt as though I was a couple inches out of it, but I couldn’t look down and see myself sleeping or anything. Nevertheless, my experience so strongly correlates to Erin’s first astral projection experience  that I have no other way of identifying what it was than simply as astral projection.

So, I was laying there at night, and I eventually fell asleep. I was experimenting with lucid dreaming at the time. I had some particularly vivid dreams, but they weren’t quite lucid. All of a sudden, I woke up – or rather, I was in a state in between sleeping and being awake. I could tell that I was very much in my bed, and I felt so intense that I know I wasn’t dreaming.

Laying on my bed, I felt an incredible surge of energy flowing through me. It was like every cell of my body was buzzing with cold, crisp electricity. It was not altogether comfortable!  I could feel some sort of entity, or entities, around me, that seemed to want me to leave my body. I couldn’t tell if they were good or bad. Looking back, they may have actually been trying to help me, but I can’t be sure just yet.

This experience came in three undulating waves. Though my eyes were closed and my body was asleep, I had some visual awareness of my room. I could see things, but it was extremely hazy and unreal. I felt intense waves of cold energy circulating through me. It was like the kind of cold they talk about on ghost hunting shows. Like a decrepit old spirit is breathing down your neck.

To put it into visual terms, it’s like slipping on a penguin in the north Canadian tundra and, mid-fall, having a fork manifest in your hand, which lands in a light socket that was just then curiously summoned into the ground, such that you’re being mildly electrocuted while that freezing wind is chilling you to your very bones, and even your soul. In other words, a little distressing!

During the first two waves, I resisted very intensely. I do not like forks in light sockets, they hurt! I did not know what was going on, and I did not like it. On the third wave I had a sudden insight and completely stopped resisting. At this point the cold feeling left, I was out of Canada (ew, Canada), the “entities” seemed to disappear, and I fell into another dream.

My Intentions With Astral Projection

I didn’t know what to make of this experience. As I mentioned above, I thought it was sleep paralysis. I’ve had it happen a couple of times before, and I just assumed.. well, I don’t know what I actually assumed. I suppose I just forgot about them. The experience is strange enough that you can’t really classify it into anything else. This time I was lucky enough out to find out exactly what was going on.

What does all of this mean? Well, it means I’m on the right track with lucid dreaming. It is also pointing me towards learning more about psychic powers. I always thought they were a bunch of BS, but maybe there is something to it.

I’m still slightly skeptic about the whole experience, even though I don’t have any rational explanation for it and it seems to be exactly what Erin is describing when she astral projects. I am still working on my lucid dreaming, so I’m not going to pursue this one until a bit later, but I’m excited about where it could lead.

For example, if I really do experience my consciousness leaving my body, and I can tell that it’s fundamentally different and separate from a dream, then that means that there most likely is life after death. That’s pretty incredible to be able to experientially verify for yourself, even if I no longer need a guarantee of that to be happy.

I suspect that when I do project myself out to la-la land, I probably won’t attract the freak show that seems to accompany a lot of people’s projection experiences. Many people encounter all sorts of demons and evil energies when they venture forth from their body. This is most likely because they’re in a state of fear. I doubt I’d attract this, because my default state is clearly kick ass! ;)

Haha, but really, things in general are strange lately. I’ve had about a bazillion syncronicities, and to discover this after many other odd happenings leads me to believe something cool is in the works, either for me, or more likely, for all of us.

If anything, take this article as proof that perhaps some of that airy fairy nonsense people go on about may be true. I never would have believed it had I not experienced it first hand.

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17 Responses so far.

  1. Sean says:

    That’s really interesting!

    I used to have sleep paralysis quite frequently in the past. At first, it used to scare the crap out of me and I’d fight my hardest to get out of it.

    One night, when it happened again, I decided I wasn’t going to fight it, but let it happen instead.

    I decided to shut my eyes and focus, like when you’d meditate. And the exact same thing happened as what you described here Fred, it was crazy!

    It didn’t last long, but I can totally relate to what you said. Interestingly enough, as soon as I figured this out with sleep paralysis and wasn’t afraid of it anymore, it stopped happening.

    I’m actually kinda sad, because I wanted to try it again lol!

    • Fred Tracy says:

      That’s crazy Sean! I’m glad someone can relate to what I’m talking about. It’s so WEIRD.

      Haha, don’t be sad, I’m sure you can learn to do it again. :) I hope it doesn’t go away just because I relaxed and let it happen!

  2. Justin says:

    We have all kinds of experiences when we sleep, but unfortunately we seldom remember them. When you are able to program your conscious self to remember, then you can start having fun with it. That’s cool that you are writing about your experiences.

    • Fred Tracy says:

      I wish I could remember all of what happens when I fall asleep! I usually don’t remember much of it. One of the keys of lucid dreaming is apparently to develop a strong memory for dreams.

      I read that if you make it a habit to write down everything you remember about a dream right when you wake up, it helps. Motor neurons replace those memories rather quickly when they’re activated, doh!

  3. renate moody says:

    I astral projected as a teenager. Then again about 10 years ago, and now I project but out of lucid dreams. I seem to have a hard time projecting unless it’s from a dream. I think because I have two small kids who I homeschool, I work, and during the day it’s noisy, and at night I’m TIRED. :P I trust that eventually I will project regularly.

    Have you visited the astralpulse forums? Worth checking out if you’re interested in lucid dreams and projecting. :) http://www.astralpulse.com

    Also, my friend and I have a blog with our experiences (he has a lot more than I do posted there). http://www.malleablelight.net

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Hey there. Yeah, I can imagine being worn out every night would affect your ability to project. And honestly, if I were exhausted, I wouldn’t even want to bother with it! Thanks for letting me know about those sites, I will check them out. The blog in particular has a nice feel about it. :)

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  5. David says:

    I had a similar experience. I laid down with my GF to take a nap and we feel asleep, I awoke hearing noises and commotion in my apartment, like there were other people or something. I though maybe my GF let a bunch of people in.

    When I say awoke, I just mean I became conscious. I could not move or anything because of sleep paralaysis. Then that tingling feeling of energy happened along with a high pitch whining noise in my ears. I read about this before and everyone’s accounts are similar:

    Tingling feeling, coldness, high pitched noise. It freaked me out and I used all my energy to move my arm to wake my GF but could not. I was able to blurt out a muurmmm and she touched me and was like “are you ok?”

    …and I told her what happened. Anyways it was a really weird experience.
    David recently posted..My Solution For America’s Economic Woes: LEAVEMy Profile

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Yes! That’s exactly what it’s like. It is so weird. What I don’t understand is how many people are able to get out of their bodies quite easily. I’m always quagmired within myself and can hardly move at all.

      Maybe it’s because I’m trying to move my actual body? I suppose moving my “spirit” or whatever would feel much different.

      At least it seems like we can still make noises in that state to get someone to wake us up. It would suck to be stuck in that cycle for the entire duration of our sleep!

  6. nathan brandon says:

    Please reply. I have been interested in lucid dreaming for months but never got to realy do it. I remembered to reality check up to like 20 times a day.(usualy only a few though). Well, last night I remembered to. I was dreaming at a school when I did. But everything went terrible! Realy terrible!!!! My living nightmare seemed to start becoming true…mabey. As i remembered to reality check, I lost control. To reality check I tried to put my hand through something, but it didnt work.(I was able to see my hands in my dream). I then realized i was on the ground but floating at the same time. I was face first, layed on my stomach an inch off the ground. My body was vibrating. It was terrible because i was parylized and the vibration was very violent and it hurt me. I felt evil entites. Im not sure if i was in sleep paryalysis. Even though i was parylized i was floating towards a pole at mabey 10 mph. i then woke up… so i think. the vibrations were still nearly hurting and every 10-20 seconds my brain felt nearly dead. it was like every 10-20 seconds i passed out for like 5 seconds uncontrollably. even though i woke up i was still parylized. i think i may have been astral projecting. i was in my room and everything looked narmal, accept for one thing that im terrified of. on my wall, there was a logo. it was like an oval with 2 “v”‘s on it. one above the other. if i was not astral projecting, i think it was either a false awakening, or the most horrible amazing, unbelievable thing happened for real. i become un parylived but the violent, loud buzzing vibrations still was there. basicly, a black, solid basicly vortex tornado thingy came from my roof to the floor on my left. it was strange because it was nearly pure. your could not see through it it kind of just looked like a black tube but i could tell it was spinning and i think i heard something like muffled thunder when it came in. the last thing i remember was that and the logo. i do know that i did wake up again after that, then watched a series on netflix called “heroes”, its the best show ever. and now im on my laptop typing this looking for answers. i also heard things in my closet which is scary as hell when that just happened to you. i also forgot to mention, i felt like i was being warned but not in a protected way. it was like as i was parylized i felt a hand around my neck but not chocking me. i felt evil! pure evil! and i just want to know if what happened in the movie “insideous” is not going to happen to me!! im realy scared. also, ive triend to astral project before and failed, but did feel vibrations. the ones i had last night were not the same and vere violent and loud and scary!!

    • Fred Tracy says:

      That sounds INTENSE. Wow!

      It definitely sounds like astral projection to me. I’ve felt entities as well, and it can be pretty scary. The thing about astral projection is that you will very quickly attract whatever vibe you’re letting at. If you are really scared, you’re going to attract scary things. I would stay away from projecting until you can raise your vibe enough to attract nicer circumstances.

      Perhaps there’s more to it though. That sounds almost like a scary movie. As far as I know, Insidious can’t actually happen. But scary stuff can.

      What I typically do when I accidentaly project and don’t want to, is I just allow it to be. You’ll experience the passing out every 5 seconds and then it will go away. You have to really focus on allowing the vibrations to come. Don’t get scared or anything, just let it happen. Eventually, you’ll fall back asleep. Or, if someone is near you, you can make enough noise so that they wake you up. I’ve done that one a few times.

      That’s the best advice I can give you, please let me know that helps.

      • nathan brandon says:

        thankyou very much, nothing else has happened yet thoug. i feel like something dark was trying to stop me from lucid dreaming so i couldnt kill it. tonight im gona try to lucid dream and kill watever it was! ive reality checked like 15 time so far today and its only 5 o clock where i live

        • Fred Tracy says:

          To be honest, I didn’t practice reality checking very much when I started lucid dreaming. I did a little bit, but mostly I just intended to lucid dream before I fell asleep, as well as visualized waking up in a dream in my mind.

          Maybe reality checks are more effective for other people, but in my lucid dream I had a false waking, and I did my reality check (pushing my fingers through my opposite hand) and I found that in the dream, I was actually able to move my skin on the other side of my hand a little bit, yet I still didn’t realize it was a dream!

          It was a very strange state to be in. Also, it was a false wakening where I woke up the house that used to live in. Very strange…

      • nathan brandon says:

        Hey, it took forever for me to find this after over a year later! I have had 2 more experiences! once i realized i was dreaming i fell to the floor vibrating and then everything turned white and only a sihloette appeared til i woke up after. Awake, i was parylized and violent vibrations rung in my head and all over. i believe i passed out multiple times durring this. that experience was a long time ago though. my most recent experience was just a few days ago. i dont recal anything about dreaming….but this scared me the most!!! as i was sleeping my body started the vibrations again….and again, loud in my head. as usual my hands felt like they were levitating just a little but. but this time….it gets scary…i now know that even though i couldnt move, I WASNT IN SLEEP PARALYSIS!! my arms uncontrollably started slowly rising! up and up and up. almost directly up….my hands dangled lifelessly as my arms rose just like in old or cheesy movies where the dead rise or someone gets posessed by a demon. i am scared that maybe, something is trying to take over my body…and its getting stronger….the thing is…i dont believe in the bible so if i cant believe in jesus, how can i believe in a demon? but at the same time its all that i cann think of.

        • Fred Tracy says:

          I don’t quite know what is going on either. That is definitely scary… you could always consult a psychic, but I am not sure I believe in them either.

          • nathan brandon says:

            i dont quite think seeing a psychic is going to happen. anyone else who could help? i dont think this is life threatening because it hasnt happened lately, however if “demons” are made from negative energy, like some say/believe, then im screwed. things have been getting worse in my house and id day theres a lot of extremely powerful negative energy. i have never dont anything bad. im 17 and never even smoked weed. im honestly considering doing a drug called dmt. its supposed to cause a spiritual awakening. however, id have no idea how to get any hahah. anyways, maybe a therapist can help?

          • Fred Tracy says:

            DMT can cause quite a trip. I wouldn’t call it a spiritual awakening. Personally if you’re already having some issues I might stay away from anything psychadelic. I haven’t astral projected in months, and what allowed me to stop doing it was to back off a little from the lucid dreaming and metaphysical stuff. I’d like to explore it eventually but now is not the right time.

            Have you considered that maybe it’s a psychological issue? Sounds spiritual in nature but you never know. I would either attempt to keep my mind on more concrete things and see if it disappears, or seek the guidance of somebody, psychologist or otherwise. sorry I can’t help more.

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