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Seeing Blue Lights During Meditation

Posted by Fred Tracy June 29th, 2011 46 Comments

the blue pearl

Lately I’ve ramped up the amount of time I spend meditating to a whopping 20 minutes! That’s 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes at night. Not much compared to monks who meditate for hours a day, but hey it works for me.

This morning I decided to go for a 15 minute meditation sitting, and I started noticing blue colors under my eyelids where it’s supposed to be red. After some quick internet research, I found some interesting ideas I’d like to share, though I’m not sure any of them actually apply to me. More on that later.

‘The’ Blue Pearl

There’s a lot of names for this phenomenon, but after 5 exhausting minutes of research I’ve concluded that “the blue pearl” is probably the most common. This pearl manifests itself as a blue light appearing under your eye lids, or in spectacular conditions, may remain when you open your eyes. It most often occurs during meditation or other spiritual practices.

It’s supposed to mean something pretty great. Here are some of the explanations I’ve found:

  • A sign of enlightenment
  • Is literally the soul itself
  • Is a chance to do inter-dimensional spiritual travel (sweet!)
  • Awakening kundalini energy
  • Random neuronal firing
  • A sign of your spirit guides

So, in my case, we can definitely rule out a few of the options. First of all, I’m not enlightened – that’s for sure. And I didn’t do any wicked sweet Beavis and Butthead channel surfing style spiritual travel either. Never contacted any spirit guides. It could be one of the other options, but I tend to doubt anything too grandiose because I’ve only been meditating for about six months now.

Apparently this blue pearl thing is really powerful. I read a story about a devout guru who opened his eyes and saw a blue wave of energy, which he was able to enter and do some spiritual cruising for awhile. I’m definitely not quite there yet.

Nevertheless, there is something about it that leads me to believe it isn’t just a random phenomenon.

‘My’ Blue Pearl

I call it ‘my’ blue pearl because I’m not sure it’s actually the blue pearl. It’s definitely nothing like what the guru experienced. No spiritual Disneyland for me, unfortunately, but I’ll try to describe it to the best of my ability.

When I begin meditating, my eyes are usually closed or half closed. Unless I’m in pitch dark, that means I can see the red of my eyelids and not much else. If I sit there and get peaceful enough, I’ll have this amorphous blob of cobalt blueness start filtering in. It doesn’t really feel like anything or do anything, but it seems like the more at peace I am, the more blue I see. My meditation this morning really reflected this particularly well.

Like I said earlier, I sat for an additional five minutes in meditation this morning. So I was sitting there painfully switching off legs for the half-lotus position, feeling like a terrible wannabe meditator when I started seeing some blueness. It was around the 10 minute mark.  In the middle of praying for my alarm to go off and relieve me from the pain, I had a Zen-like idea enter my mind. “Be one with the pain…” Kind of like a line from a really bad kung-fu movie. And so I did.

I stopped fighting it and just accepted it. And at that moment it was transformed, and the blue blob I’d been staring at on the back of my eye lids grew in size. It looked like what happens when one puddle of water merges into another – each body of water loses its original shape and joins to become one bigger body.

This color thing almost seems like an internal guidance system for meditation or something. Red means bad, blue means good. Like a reverse-Matrix where you where the blue pill leads you to reality and the red one leaves you in delusion and suffering.

When I stopped resisting and starting accepting, I got more blue goop as a reward. I guess that means I’m on the right track.

Have You Had Any Blue Goop?

I’m wondering if anyone else has had the same type of experience. I’d love your insight into this weirdness. Let me know in the comments below!

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46 Responses so far.

  1. I’ve two thoughts on this one. First, when I do intuitive readings for other people, I always see purple behind my eyelids. For some people it turns into actual objects, for others it might turn into lightning when something really important comes up. BUT, when I do my own meditation, I never get purple, I usually get multi-color. Either way, watch the color and what it does very carefully, because odds are, it will turn into something if you focus on it.

    The second thought is that I once was told that you have “white lights” around you that represent entities taking your prayers back to source, and that as you practice meditation, you earn more. Eventually you start to earn blue lights, which are like white lights on speed. I don’t know any more about it than that, but I can ask the person who told me about it for more information if you want.

    • Fred Tracy says:

      That is pretty nifty. Multi-colors huh? I wonder what these lights have to say about ourselves. Maybe it defines the kind of person we are or something. Maybe purple means you’re passionate, an blue means I’m cool or something. Haha I honestly doubt it, but fun nonetheless.

      I would be very interested in the white lights on speed. Please do ask. :)

  2. Justin says:

    Hey Fred,
    That sounds like a cool experience. I’m no meditation master by any stretch but there was a period of time that I was doing it daily for about two months.

    After a while I was able to hear things like water running in a stream and even a benevolent voice.

    Relaxing is not a strong suit for me but I do know that by relaxing the body and mind through meditation we actually raise our vibrations making us much more powerful.

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Very true! Ever since I read the Power of Now I’m really interested in meditation and quieting the mind. And since then I’ve become super interested in self-realization from meditation.

      The usual Zen explanation for the stuff you experienced seems to be that it’s Makyo. That’s their word for basically any artificial phenomena that occurs from doing sitting zazen. Since the subconscious is being loosened up and given a shake and, almost like a pillow or cushion, a lot of stuff falls out of there.

      Sometimes it’s loose change and you’re like oh cool! Other times it’s dead spiders and you feel pretty uncomfortable for a minute.

      I’ve had some quarters here and there. Found a 50 cent piece once. I got a couple maggots too, especially now that I’m getting deeper into it. Just gotta remember to accept, accept, accept.

  3. Hi Fred, I have a slightly different explanation for your blue pearl (I like how it became yours). As you’re meditating, you are opening yourself up to translating and perceiving energy in new ways. You are literally seeing more frequencies than you are used to, and this can translate as colors or flashes. It can also come in as sounds, smells, feelings, or even as something you can’t interpret with your 5 senses, like a feeling or a vision that you can’t actually “see” (you’ll see it with your 3rd eye).
    I accessed a new frequency a few weeks ago, and whenever I do, I see a network of light neurons. In fact, now that I’ve translated it this way, I can tune myself to that frequency just by thinking of that vision or symbol, if you will. I’ll bet that if you focus on your blue pearl in meditation, you’ll be able to access it faster.
    If it feels good to do it, keep it up. Then it’s a frequency higher than where you’re normally at (which is what meditation is good for, it gives us access to higher frequencies.)

    Well, that’s my take. Hope it’s useful. Thanks for sharing!


    • Fred Tracy says:

      Hmm cool idea I like it! I did focus on the blue pearl last night actually. I was meditating and all of a sudden I realized I hadn’t seen the thing. So I focused on it and there it came. Then I started thinking of different colors for the fun of it. I thought “red!” and I would see a shape or something that vaguely seemed red. It didn’t always correspond perfectly, but it’s like I was so in tune with my mind that every little subtlety of what my mind did was there for me to access. Very fancy stuff indeed. :)

  4. Hi Fred,

    Pretty freakin cool! I’ve never had anything like that happen when meditating. The only thing I’ve experienced related to light is a flash of white light in my head when my eyes are close.

    On a side note, why do you have to sit in such a way that is painful? I always thought when meditating we should be in a comfortable position. Am I doing it wrong?

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Well, I think you can sit however you’d like when you meditate. The thing about the lotus and half-lotus positions, is that they are the most balanced ways of sitting. They don’t actually hurt once you get used to them, it’s just that I’m not quite that flexible yet. In the end, though, it’s probably the most relaxing.

      So sitting in those kind of positions is kind of like delaying gratification. You’ll hurt for awhile, and it’ll be a slow process, but eventually you’ll be able to attain the most relaxed and alert posture possible.

      But I don’t think it’s essential at all. Half the time I just lay down and meditate – no big deal.

  5. Us Pagans would probably start calling that your aura. At coven, we can see each other’s when we get ‘in the zone’ with meditating, or whatever else we’re doing. It’s always blue in that situation.

    It’s a sign that you’re revealing your true self, or you know, if you are looking at your own, that you’re becoming your true self.

    • Fred Tracy says:

      That’s very interesting. I only tend to see it when I really get into the meditative state, so I guess I’ll just take it as a sign that I’m doing it right. :)

  6. Kelly Phillips says:

    I want some blue goo! Lol, I haven’t experienced anything like that myself but after reading this, I think I’m going to make it a personal goal. My meditations are usually spur the moment, about once every few days. I’ll have to do it as much as you do. Before you saw “the blue pearl” what exactly did you do during meditation? Did you just focus on your breathing, focus on a problem, or something else?

    • Fred Tracy says:

      I only really do mindfulness meditation, so I’m just focusing on my breathing, or sometimes simply watching my thoughts pass by.

      The blue goo tends to come when I’ve really gotten into the meditation and my thoughts are subsiding. It’s usually accompanied by an expanded feeling of peace and centeredness.

      I’ve really started to enjoy meditation lately. It’s such a wonderful tool.. I wouldn’t want to function without it!

      By the way, we should go to that Zen monastery again. They’re having a vegetarian cooking class in a few days.. I’ll e-mail ya. :)

  7. Anna says:

    Ah, fascinating! I don’t even meditate as part of a routine, (unless measured breathing while I walk counts) just when I need a mental break.
    I’m improving my self-discipline right now (via handwriting changes, more on that later) so I look forward to blue blobs once my meditation is part of a daily schedule.

    How is your mom? And you?

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Hey Anna. I thought you were my sister for a minute – that’s her name too!

      How are you improving self-discipline through handwriting changes? My hand writing sucks.. what does that say about me?

      Mom and I are doing better than ever. I’m actually trying to get a job as a mail carrier right now, can’t wait!

      And yeah, I definitely recommend doing meditation as a routine. It’s really helpful and helps to center you a lot.

      • Anna says:

        Haha, of four siblings, none of them are Fred. You are unique! (To me, at least.)

        Ooh, can I analyze your writing?! I’ll tell you what it means about you – “Sucks” doesn’t really mean anything specific, besides maybe you’re in a hurry. I only need 3-5 sentences. Include the date, a salutation, a few sentences about anything you want – your dog, the pending mail route, what you had for dinner, etc – and a signature. I don’t need any deep dark secrets. Then scan or take a picture of it and send me a jpg.
        And then I’ll explain what changes will (theoretically, I’ve just started) improve your personality.

        I’m glad to hear it! Good luck with the job – I’m looking at the moment too. ;)

  8. Kelly Phillips says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t mind going back, problem is, it’s just a helluva drive out there. I’ve heard there’s a Hindu monestary somewhere in OKC or Edmond, can’t remember which. Been meaning to find some details about it. But yeah, let me know next time you go out there. I’m switching to a day shift so hopefully I’ll be able to have more of a social life!

  9. Steve jenkins says:

    I see blue lights with my eyes open usually and I’ve only just started looking into this really bcuz I’ve never used the Internet till recently. Mine started with a spiritual experience that the doctors tell me was all in my head, it started with journeying into the minds eye while I was high off weed, this was my favourite thing to do as it was a deep mediative state, I used to concentrate on the images my mind threw up only this time I didn’t concentrate so much and sort of let them fly past me, then I felt as if I was flying thru time n space until I reached an invisible door. Once I went thru the door I felt like I was filled with White light. This White light I can describe in 3 ways, my first impulse was that I’d seen god, the second and third are tied maybe bcuz it felt like waking from a dream and seeing true reality, maybe it was heaven? This was my break from reality or so the doctors call it, I’ve been diagnosed as scizo and am on the sick recovering! This is only a bit of wot I experienced back then, many weird things happened that could be spiritual! Am I crazy? I don’t know! But I believe in my soul that these things were more than a product of my mind! By the way, I take 400 mg of Amisulpride a day and I see blue lights regularly still! If youre interested in chattin send me an email and let me know wot you’ve discovered about the blue pearl? Steve

    • Fred Tracy says:

      That’s really interesting. Did the blue lights appear before you started taking Amisulpride?

      And I’m not sure what some mental illnesses. For example, schizophrenia. I suppose it can be really bad in some cases, but I think everyone (other than the enlightened) or somewhat schizophrenic. Even though I’m (supposedly, lol) mentally healthy, I notice within myself many different impulses, some of which are contradicting or competing. For example, my desire to be loving conflicts with occasional anger that I have. I am certainly not in a state of oneness just yet, and it’s almost like different layers of my personality are active at different times.

      I suppose this is normal human functioning, but a state of wholeness certainly sounds much more appealing. Maybe schizophrenia is just an over-active ego? I really don’t know enough to speculate on it, but I did meet a schizophrenic person once. We were at a party.. he was a little odd, but we played air guitar together and I talked to him for a little bit. I told him to try not to identify too much with whatever artificial label the doctors decided to give him. Choose love, and you’ll be alright.

      Then again, I’ve heard meditation is actually destructive if you have a mental illness, so definitely proceed carefully. I’ll e-mail you, I’m curious about your experiences.

      Thanks for the comment man. :)

  10. Jayne Kopp says:

    Ha ha, loved this it just caught my eye. While I don’t meditate, cause I don’t know how to really, but I am going to because I noticed you have a post in here to show me how…LOL… and I have been threatening to for quite some time.

    I even joined Bikrams Yoga tonight which by the way had be seeing stars, not necessarily Blue stars,…. perhaps they were the ‘red’ ‘bad’ stars that had me leaving like a soaking hot elastic band.

    In any event, I loved the post and would love to see a blue light and get inside it to cruise around for a while.

    Loved the entertaining read. I am pleased I am not too far behind you in the meditating department.

    Oh by the way, the Yoga teacher said that after a while we can use the 90 mins to meditate!! Right now I think I need to medicate!

    see you soon


    • Fred Tracy says:

      Hahaha, that’s funny Jayne. I actually almost went to my cousins yoga class last night, but I really wanted to finish my latest article before Friday. I guess it’s a good sign when you’re choosing between doing yoga or being productive though right?

      I actually just wrote a guest post for my friend Justin about how to meditate. It should be on his site today (maybe by the time you check back here) so I’d definitely give it a read.

      I did do some Pilates last night, just because a female friend had left over the DVD… Not because I enjoy it or anything… I lift weights and grunt most of the time, okay? :P So I can definitely relate to the sweaty elastic band feeling.

      Be well.

  11. Rajeev says:

    Hi there, Iam from India and I hve been going thru ur readings and I would like to request you to go our masters site,where you will find answers to all your questions.

    I hve gone thru all of ur experiences and lacs of other people hve been too. But u need some one who can take u above that.

    All the best to you

  12. Janae says:

    I only recently started meditating, and I experienced the “Blue Pearl” today. It was quite…amazing.

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Sweet! Can you go into more detail? I’d like to hear about your experience.

      • Janae says:

        I started meditating regularly just last week, for five minute intervals. Today, a couple of minutes into my meditation, I noticed a blue glob appearing (my eyes were closed); it sort of shifted and morphed, and the only thing I can liken it to is a lava lamp. Curious, I googled the phrase “blue light during meditation,” and I discovered the phenomena of “the blue pearl.” I think it’s fascinating that so many people have had similar experiences, and I hope to experience it again soon.

        • Fred Tracy says:

          Cool! Yeah, I wonder what it actually means. Perhaps it’s a combination of certain chemicals being released during meditation that create some sort of weird visual phenomenon?

          Regardless of the cause, though, it only appears for me when I’m feeling exceptionally relaxed and my meditation is going very well. Thus, it is a good sign!

        • Rick says:

          That’s pretty fast for seeing the blue pearl…

  13. Sari says:

    I was googling for information of the blue pearl and found your writings. I have not been very spiritual or religious but several months ago I saw a white light pearl guiding me into mental growing and balance of mind. Along these experiences I have red lot of information (Eckhart Tolle, David Wilcock etc.) and felt a a totally new side of me, “Inner me” and all the potential that is “inside” me or “on” me. Sorry, Englis is not my native language and I’m afraid that I cant use the right prepositions – even if these things can’t be told vocally; you just have to feel or know. For excample try to explane what is a blue color for a blind or descripe how bird singing sounds to a deaf or tell what kind of the taste of an orange is to a person who have ever taste one. Anyway, I have found something really big and peaceful behind all this haste and rush, negligence and hostility, unconscious and dormant human life (Ego). After this “awakening” I have seen a blue light/dot/pearl/light instead of the white one. I see it when I calm down and relax (meditate) and it gives or at the same time I get a peach and indescribable power. I tried to find some information if this (White) Blue Pearl on my native language but couldn’t find anything until now several months later I suddenly found something from the internet while looking for something else (somebody/thing is guiding me all the time). I wish Your Blue Pearl will help you as mine have helped me. Life is miraculous. May the light be with you!

    • Fred Tracy says:

      It’s awesome to hear from you, Sari. Your English sounds fine to me.

      Hmm, that is very interesting. I have never, at least that I can remember, experienced a white pearl. I wonder what that means? It’s strange though, because I used to have to meditate for a while to get the blue Pearl, but now it usually comes most immediately, even though I don’t meditate as much. It’s really a wonderful calming thing.

      I understand what you mean about the inner feeling. It’s so amazing to know that we can create life is vividly and beautifully as we want.

      Another cool thing for me, is that I know to return to a state of balance and peace, I simply have to do nothing. I used to think that I would have to think and think to solve a problem, but now I realize that if I just watch my emotions go, they will eventually return to normal and I will be at rest.

      May the light be with you as well. :-)

  14. Yogalady says:

    Hi there Fred, I teach yoga and today, at the end of the session after the meditation, I invite the class to place their warm (energetic) hands over their closed eyes. I do this too and I saw a beautiful, royal blue light. Cool. Other students saw orange.

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Hah, how neat. I wonder what different colors mean? I swear I’ve read about that before, but I can’t quite remember…

      • Yogalady says:

        Before seeing this site, my interpretation was always associated with what I’ve learned about the chakras and the colours connected to them: red = root, orange = sacrum, yellow = solar plexus, green = heart, dark blue = throat, indigo = third eye, white = crown. And then, each chakra has emotional meaning attached. At the time when I saw my royal blue light I thought about my throat chakra, communication, choices and healing. For the students who saw the orange I wondered about their one-2-one relationships, creativity, sexuality etc. However, since then reading this site a few weeks ago, I’ve seen a kind of now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t sparks of blue light as I go about my ordinary day. So….I don’t know now really?

        • Fred Tracy says:

          Lol, me either. I’ve never seen anything other than blue, and only then when I meditate. It could be associated with the chakras though.

  15. Miko says:

    Hi Fred,

    I´ve been reading the post , and actually looking for some information about this phenomena for several year now. And I would like to share about my experience and give some insight how I personally feel and think about it. First time, then i saw ´blue pearl´ was almost 3 years ago. by this time I had been meditating for about 4 months i think. Only way i found some guidence to techinques was through internet. I remember i used to start my meditations with eyes open, and what i did first was focusing on one point and at the same time unfocusing my sight, until everything went blurry. I also experienced with bioenergetic magnetic field of body and especially hands. That was for some healing purpuses. I tell you about this beacause I feel by doing this mind and body tuned better to the frequency.

    So First i started to see hints of lights with eyes open like blurry movement infront of my unfocused sight – but it was not easy to stay in that state, because of a need to blink so i closed my eyes. I cant rememeber exactly, but in few weeks it grew unimaginable strong. And this was `blue pearl` . What i saw was waves of blue light moving away from me at the same time spreading in different directions(kind of like the tint dropped in the water) . As i went deeper to this state the blueness became evermore elusive by every breath. And the waves moved by certain frequency. And how i felt inside was amazing. Very balanced and i think i can call it a blissful state.

    At the same time I tried to see it with eyes opened and the waves stayd in front of me moving forward(and i think sometimes towards me). Then ofcousre i had to be in the dark room.

    So i did some research back then through the internet and couldnt find anything except one old taoist text about the visions of blue light. But that was all. Now i see so many people finding this phenomena happening to them. And its a great feeling of recognision.

    Soon i discovered that i had a possibility to go inside the blue lightwaves. So i could choose some wave and go inside it, inside the mind – and it became kind of like lucid dreaming. everytime it took me somewhere and i was wide awake but at the same time i saw that i was somewhere and was so real, like ground i am walking on for an instance.

    Since i didnt find anymore information, exept the taoist text , where these visions were mentioned, but nothing about what they were. I had to discover myself.

    I have thought often about what could it be. I have thought they could be kind of like collections of thought wich are saturating from neorons in a wave like state. But one thing i m sure of – this is not a regular imagination, where you can lead it, though you still can in a way, but only to give a starting point and from there on, it starts to live a life of its own. So id say its not just an imagination. I feel it is something like that: if have a question, i ask, and i will see the answer or situtation formed about in front of my eyes. Its like the other mind communicating with me. Different pictures and places coming up in my mind, with what i had had no related thoughts before. And it also kind of like a ride. But ride inside the mind or somewhere else, i couldnt know and i cant really say eather.

    Later on it became much easier to see these waves, basically i just had to close my eyes. And whats more , i had multiple times visions about the future and situations that actually came to happen. in the end of that year it became even more intense and i didnt even have to meditate anymore – In times i just started to see the waves in when i was being relaxed and for example reading something or doing something else, sight went blurry and wavery, and i saw blue waves moving in front of me. in the dark room it felt like i was seeing my own breath – and seeing those waves with eyes opened, is a sight very hard to explain. But in the end of that year i stopped because of the unexplainable link between the reality and those visions i had had. so i just avoided it for some time.

    But those waves still came back later on after months. And still do in times, even thought i havent done any meditating for long time. So now when I go to sleep and i lay in bed, I start to see `blue pearl` again. They appeare out of nowhere. And I am getting a feeling, that it is a time to start meditating again.

    This year if found that there has been some scientific research about brainwaves. And some measuring of brainwaves that are radiating from a buddhist monks during the meditation, had been done. I also advise to read more about different ´brainwaves(alpha, beeta, gamma, delta, theta) and their functions. From there, i think some rather interesting conclusions could be made.


    I would have much more to say, but i feel it is allready getting rather long :)

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Wow! That sounds awesome. I have read a lot about brain waves and meditation, particularly gamma waves. Perhaps you’re summoning up those in large quantities?

      What you describe here sounds like the movie Donnie Darko or something. How fascinating. So you could travel into those waves and explore.. what? Your own imagination? The past/future? It sounds almost scary.. and perhaps even psychic, as your accurate future-telling shows.

      I haven’t tried to meditate much with my eyes open, but maybe I’ll give it a shot now!

  16. sofia says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have always been very spiritual, but is not until now, that I am having a healthier lifestyle to support it, I became a vegetarian, I am taking care of the physical body. But, the thing is that, even though I am used to see auras. Last night, I saw a blue ball of energy, the first time was like blinking, and it lasted about 15 seconds, tops. The second time it was a longer time, and the blue ball didn’t blink. I was not meditating, I was very awake, and I saw the ball in the heart area in my boyfriend. Not in me. He was sleeping in the precise moment. It was not his aura what I saw, It was totally different, and no, it was not an orb as well. Any ideas?
    I woke my bf up, and of course, that created a disturbance in the energy, so I stopped seeing it.

    • Fred Tracy says:

      I have no idea. I have never seen auras or anything. I think the fact that it was in his heart area definitely means something though.. when did you start seeing auras?

  17. LCVD says:

    I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I see this light every time I want to even without much effort or for that matter, doing some type of meditation. It started when I was 4 or 5. I can see many other lights as well, sort of like a deep profound fireworks experience. I think this is due to the eyes putting a bit of pressure on the eye muscles. It creates some sort of energy that could be perceived as just plain static energy that is then translated by the optic nerve as such.

    • Fred Tracy says:

      Lol this could be all it is – who knows! It seems to respond better when I’m in a relaxed state of mind, though. I think things like this often have multiple reasons for occuring, i.e. scientific and/or mystical.

      Either way, it looks sweet.

  18. rainbow bridge says:

    I started seeing blue and white stars about 3 yrs ago at what I would consider the start of my “awakening”. I was never a big spiritual person and I dont meditate but I see the stars daily now. Sometime they appear as a blog or in groups but mostly appear as a single pin prick of light. I see ostly blue and white but have seen all the colors – even black, which is weird. Its really weird to see a BLACK star when my eyes are closed and everything is black already. Not sure how you explain that one. Black and Red stars are not bad by the way. The colors are representative of different vibrational energies of your own soul or anothers and possibly linked to chakra colors.

    Like you, the more I let myself go, open myself up to the possibility of something “more” than my current truth, the more stars I see.

    I see my stars with eyes opened or closed, almost daily and they seem to be responsive somehow and only appear when I thinking deep living thoughts or now just at the craziest times, as if to act as a great cosmic “yes” to my thought at the time. Once I saw a floating blue head smiling at me in the night, not sure it that was related to the blue stars are no though.

    I have also seen the fireworks type of light, once or twice and some purple flashes, but I dont believe this is an “optic nerve” thing, but a third eye thing. I recently have been told that I see stars because I am a “star child” which means my soul originated from another planet and Im hear with special purpose. Still trying to wrap my head around that one.

    I do find it interesting to see so many people online starting to see these stars though, and the similarities in various experiences. Kinda cool.

  19. Rich Sab says:

    Hey there, I have seen this blue and is exactly like the way you describe it. I do OBE or astral projection and every time I get back to my body I see this blue waves also during my meditation. I call it my astral portal, it’s like the stargate between our physical plane and astral realm, you can go through it and it can take you to astral world. The waves are like a liquid mirror that bar between this physical world and other higher realms. Also that kind of dark blue is the color of the third eye. This means your third eye is being activated. While in astral world you can only see via your third eye which is capable of seeing ether bodies. Fortunately most physical objects and of course all the living have etheral bodies so you can see them well while in the astral plane. Did you make any more progress since you started seeing the blue waves? Please also don’t feel upset about scientific explanation, science cannot get beyond the physical plane so that is understandable. Please go to my website above if you are interested in obe (out of body experience), ttyl
    Rich Sab recently posted..Summer, 2012My Profile

  20. Paul says:

    Just to add to the converstaion, I have been having Sacral Cranial Therpay – a kind of head massage based on Sacral Cranial Fluid Dynamics – to ease muscle tension in my jaw. During this, I see lots of blue lights, which merge often to make very vivid images. It has been said that these pictures come from your nervous systems ‘memory’ of things that your head had forgotten, and that some people are able to remember their own births… not me, just yet…
    Anyway, I ahve also been meditating a lot in combination with Autogenic Training, and have started seeing these same blue lights as soon as I focus on my head. It is wildly relaxing and brings me a rush of energy right through my body into my head.
    I’m fascinated to learn more about this phenomenon!
    All the best,

  21. Rio says:

    Hi there. I saw a ‘blue pearl’ – and that is the best description of what I saw, yesterday after doing some light stretches and breathing, and while I felt like it was a sign that someone on the other side had heard me, I decided to do some research. I guess you would call me spiritual person in a way, but not church or mainstream religious spirituality, rather I hear and feel people and see shapes of people from the other side and I have a very strong belief in God, angels (my husband refers to them as ball boys and linesman – if you haven’t picked it up its a tennis analogy) and obviously the other side – good and bad. I have been able to see, feel and hear them for some time. Anywho, Unfortunately my 12y.o stepson is facing a very difficult situation with his mother (physical and emotional abuse) and we have started legal proceedings for full custody, and yesterday I asked the other side for everything (all conditions) as per our Court Application. My husband says that by limiting yourself (only asking for some of what you want) you are not opening yourself up to all possibilities, as there is no limit on for example, love – there is no bucket with a limit line on it, rather the bucket just gets bigger. So for the first time I asked for everything as I am stretching, and when I finished I started to go up the stairs and the next thing there was a bright shining blue / silver ball about 30-40cm away from me and about an inch in diameter and floating about 10cm off the floor. I stopped, shock my head and it was gone; but I felt ‘someone’ was there with me. I felt like I had been heard, but in a different way; sort of like the feeling that you get when you KNOW someone is really listening to you, not just nodding and making all the right noises. I will be interested as the Court case comes along as to how it will turn out (we have a Lesbian judge that hates men and likes my husbands ex – no matter what stupid thing she says or does) so of course I wont hold my breath, but it has got me wondering.

    Has anyone else seen these blue pearls / lights at a really important time in their lives, and has the outcome worked out for you?

    I dont feel like it was just a sign telling me that they were there, as noted above, as I generally hear , feel and see them anyway, but I am very interested in what others can suggest.
    Rio recently posted..Savings Trial Results and Hedonic AdaptationMy Profile

  22. Bobs says:

    I am a kid of 13 years of age. I experienced this (seeing a blue light fill my vision sometimes a dot travelling through my vision and yet other times a blue trail and finding myself in much more peace)many a times when I was 12 and meditated. These days too I am having this kind of experience whenever I meditate(even when my driver is driving and we are struck in noisy traffic i.e. not at all in a silent place). Can you tell why is it so? or what is it?

  23. jack says:

    i’ve been seeing blue lights since January 1, 1987. I see them when I’m awake. I know what they are and who they represent. does that make me special? no. really. I’m just as challenged as anyone else. but i’m interested i what you all have to say. i must say they are a source of comfort. i wrote a piece and the link is here to try to describe this experience. in the beginning they were so bright they would hurt my eyes. i told them to stop once and they did upon my request. they seem to be more integrated with me now but i see them much of the time. God bless you all.
    jack recently posted..Horace Mann Sex Abuse Letter: Elite Private School Confirms Victims’ AllegationsMy Profile

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