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The Simple Art of Meditation E-book is Finally Here!

Posted by Fred Tracy January 2nd, 2013 11 Comments


Whew! I haven’t posted on my website in quite some time – just three weeks shy of a year to be exact. And while I feel pretty bad for leaving you in the dark like that without so little as a hello here and there, I do have something to make up for it! Introducing my brand new e-bookThe Simple Art of Meditation.

I decided it was finally time to write down all of my thoughts, tips, and experiences with what I consider to be the best way for us to achieve a sense of happiness and purpose. After all, that’s what everyone is looking for. And while some may choose relationships, money, or material objects to get that sense of happiness, I believe (just as the ancients did) that true happiness only arises from within. And the best possible way to access that inner sense of well-being and peace is through meditation.

But most people don’t really understand what meditation is, let alone how to use it to become fulfilled. That’s the exact purpose of this guide. I take you through a step-by-step process in 66 pages where I teach you everything I know about meditation, what it actually is, and how to use it to change your life. Here’s a brief list of the main sections to give you an understanding of the flow of the e-book:

  • I. Theory
  • II. Technique
  • III. Meditation Styles
  • IV. The Science of Meditation
  • V. Common Problems with Meditation
  • VI. Reaching Higher Levels of Consciousness
  • VII. Paradigm Shift
  • VIII. Basic Spirituality: A Glossary

Each section contains many subsections that explore different topics relating to it. For example, under Common Problems with Meditation I explore astral projection (which isn’t necessarily a “problem”, but bear with me), and how I spontaneously started having experiences on the astral plane after learning to meditate and lucid dream, and what you should do if this occurs. Technique includes a nifty little hand position you can use to activate a sense of inner peace with you wherever you go. I’ve even got a section entitled How to Lose Weight with Meditation, which is grounded in science and is a lot less gimmicky than it sounds. :)

To help explain more about the vision of the book, here’s an excerpt:

As I finished my quiet session of meditation at the park, I opened my eyes and found myself surrounded by a world much different than the one I had inhabited just minutes ago. A profound silence seemed to permeate my entire being. While it was indeed beautiful before, the foliage and natural landscape around me seemed to be painted upon a majestic tapestry by some unknown, divine force.

As I got up and walked around, I had the strange feeling of being in the climax of an amazing movie. “This is where the great triumph of the film would occur and all would be revealed with epic music in the background,” I thought to myself – or rather, felt, because my chatterbox of a mind was, at least temporarily, switched to the “off” position.

As I stared in awe at the wonderful colors, shapes and subtle details that I had never seemed to notice before, my first thought arose. I mentally noted that it wasn’t really the park that was so beautiful, or the bridge or diverse foliage. It was actually the experience within me, along with that strange, glorious silence, that created the beauty. And as that realization occurred I had my second thought: I knew I could have this new reality forever, and that what I had just experienced was merely a shadow of the things to come.

Why I Decided to Write the Book

My goal is really quite simple. Having stumbled upon not only the amazing experience I described above, but also the way to create that as a permanent reality in my life, I felt that I needed to share how to do it. But rather than make a series of blog posts which may be read out of order or only in bits and pieces, I knew I needed some sort of central work. A “guide” of sorts that people could go back to as their experience grew. So I went about creating an e-book for that purpose which gives you all the essential theory and technique you need to start on your path, as well as some really neat information about consciousness and scientific research into the nature of our minds when we meditate, and much much more.

It is my hope that you’ll be educated by the book, but more importantly that you take what you read and use it to achieve a sense of inner peace like what I described above. If you’ve been frustrated or have had limited results from meditation in the past, chances are you are over thinking it. I show a very simple way to meditate, even while I include more sophisticated techniques, that will allow you to break through barriers and truly be one with the present moment.After all, that’s all we ever have!

Get The Simple Art of Meditation Now!

As I mentioned before, it’s 66 pages. I included a couple pictures to make it pretty and explain some things, but for the most part it is straight forward text that describes what I am talking about here. After much deliberation I’ve decided to sell it for $9.95. I hope you’ll give it a shot. It definitely can change your life!

In order to get the e-book, just click the buy now button below. You’ll be sent securely to Paypal where you can either sign in to your Paypal account or pay with a credit or debit card. After that, you will instantly receive an e-mail from me with a link to download the book as a PDF file. Click buy now to get started – good luck!

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Maleeha Yousuf says:

    Hi there,long time, i did peep in your profile if i could find some good posts though .. anyways you reminded me of the park bench hehe .. and the way things suddenly changed .. the paradigm shift you might call it .. i dont know how true this would be for everybody, but trust me one fine day everything was different, my car my belongings, the scenery in my bedroom(i still miss dont have any in my new house) … it sounds crazy .. something that i guess the mind doesnt understand, Eckhart Tolle has very well illustrated in his book THE POWER OF NOW one of my favorite books .. i probably wont say much but yes the time that i spent alone on the park bench everyday without fail seems very important now, and the meditation, my intent was nothing, i just felt and did whatever i wanted those cramps, Yoga exercises regularly .. i didnt know the effect it would leave on me and finally i made peace with everything and surprisingly with not knowing things too … lol .. life is too good to be loved and lived fully is i would say :) … just keep going .. listen to your instints, have faith, be good good will follow and everything will be great .. and today i stand with immense peace nad happiness all surrounded hehe .. i love my bad choices .. they gave me strength to make better choices, i love selfich people they made me what i am today, i love my bad experiences they made me courageous, i love those who left me broken, betrayed, they made me strong and lead a life without expectations, i just love everything the way it is .. so pure so true .. so lovely :) … i would love to read your ebook . good luck Rgds, Maleeha Yousuf

    • Fred Tracy says:

      You have a lot of great energy in this post. Yes.. love everything, embrace it! Thank you Maleeha, hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Good luck with the book Fred.

    I for one, am a big advocate of meditation and its obvious healing benefits.

    Motivational Speaker | Craig Harper recently posted..Melbourne Presentation: Renovate Your BodyMy Profile

  3. Hi Fred,
    Welcome back. and congratulations on your new book !!!

  4. Martin says:

    I am going to read it next week when I have holiday!


  5. Eric Holmes says:

    I was still quite difficult to understand what you write, but this is precisely the greater interest, Greetings
    Eric Holmes recently posted..Prepare engined VW Cars Motor Sport DucatiMy Profile

  6. Amanda S says:

    Interesting! Going to read it…


  7. Jeff Bridges says:

    A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.
    Bo Bennett

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